This is inspired by The Propagator’s post Germination Procrastination.

It got me thinking about the seeds sown 9 days ago, most in the greenhouse, some direct in the polytunnel and a few being coddled in the heated propagator on the kitchen window sill.

Every morning and evening I lift the heated propagator lid and check for signs of green shoots.  On arrival at the allotment, my first visit is to the greenhouse lifting the propagator lids and checking for signs of life.

Some germinated within 7 days of being sown: scabious, lavatera and salvias but the remainder of the flower seeds are still considering their options.

The Propagator’s post made me realise that I don’t actually know how long these seeds usually take to germinate or if they require any special conditions.  Cue a Google moment…

germination guide

So now I’m reassured that nothing is overdue but I do need to shuffle pots between the greenhouse, the outside table and the heated propagator.

I had no idea that Euphorbias were so particular, given the ease with which they spread in the garden – perhaps the answer is to dig up and pot on a small clump from the garden.

I’m pretty certain this new knowledge won’t stop me lifting the propagator lid for a morning and evening progress check!