These tiny creatures are flying, sap-sucking, plant-destroying pests. And they are in the new polytunnel with all the newly sown seeds.  And they are multiplying.  It could be a catastrophe and it’s most probably a major downside of hugel beds under cover.  Time for biological warfare!!

Google tells me that thrips are more attracted to blue sticky traps than the more widely available yellow traps.  I’ve ordered a bulk consignment from Dragonfli.  I’ve also also ordered some predators (Amblyseius, pronounced: AM-BLI-SAY-US.  I didn’t know!)  Apparently these beasties arrive in sachets that are hung around the polytunnel; presumably the sachets have escape hatches or similar – we’ll see.  These beasties, once free of the sachet, are also partial to red spider mite, which I think targeted the peach trees last year, so win-win.  I’ll take down the sticky traps before deploying the predators, otherwise it’ll be similar to the charge of the Light Brigade.

I’ll keep you posted on thrip extermination progress.  And there I was thinking gardening and growing was such a gentle pastime…