I know she looks a lot less purple than when you first met her in The necessity of a purple shed.  What can I say, it’s all about the orientation!

Purple shed has been at plot 34 for about 9 years and arrived a second-hand from a nice lady in Putney. She has survived vandalism, arson that took out my neighbours shed and an ash tree (there’s a pun there somewhere) and put up a good fight at the last attempted break-in.  It seemed a shame to leave her to her fate at plot 34. But I do need a new door and I’m still wondering if that might be beyond my woodworking capabilities.

In the meantime, I did manage some repairs to the old girl – being disassembled, moved in the pouring rain and then being reassembled is a traumatic business.

I’m particularly pleased that the angles match 🙂

On Sunday, in between the drenching downpours, I fitted a door (on permanent loan from another old and leaky shed)  It needed a bit of persuading to fit; 3 inches off the top and a strip of wood added to overlap the frame and concealing the large gap between door and frame!


I’m quite pleased with my woodworking – the benefits of a sharp saw 😉  I’m now pondering a fancy finial to finish off the look.  There are terracotta finials made especially for sheds but I think not at an allotment, so I’m wondering what I can do with a stair spindle and a curtain pole finial…