Generations of gardening wisdom is not until the soil has warmed up and this can be tested by sitting your naked bottom on the soil.  If you can do that without shrieking, the soil is warm enough for seeds to germinate.  How to stop the plot neighbours shrieking at the sight has never been explained!

Or my preferred approach is to wait til mid-March to end of March before doing any outdoor sowing and that’s with plastic sheeting down for about a month beforehand to help nature’s warming process.

I’ve learnt to not bother getting the parsnip seeds out of their packet until May or even June for reliable germination.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed these parsnip seedlings popping up at plot 34 last November.


These are self sown from a parsnip I left to seed but then waited too long before harvesting the seeds!

It seems like nature has other ideas for the best way to sow seeds.  It would not have occurred to me to sow parsnips in September/October to overwinter and yet, here’s the proof.  I suppose the real test is flavour and texture and whether I want to be pulling and eating parsnips in August.  Hmmm, maybe there is logic in that gardener’s wisdom after all!

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