I arrived at the plot with some trepidation yesterday; would the greenhouse still have glass? would the polytunnel still be there? would the sheds still have their roofs?

I was relieved that the plot seemed pretty much unscathed, despite being in the path of the prevailing wind.  The bubble wrap inside the greenhouse had come unattached in places – go figure and some netting had come unfastened.

It took me a while to notice the gaping hole in the polytunnel. My concern was how to make a repair that would hold as the polythene had been trimmed.  Then I remembered the roll of poly repair tape (brilliant stuff)  I used that to ‘tack’ the pleats as I formed them and then ran a length down the door side, which gave me and a plot neighbour something to hold and tension as the batten went back in place.

The lesson is – don’t skimp on the nails!