I’m not generally given to forward planning; if my tax return is submitted at 2230 on 31st January I’m impressed.

However when it comes to spring bulbs and tulips in particular, if I want the choice of varieties, then I have to get my act together.

As they are at the allotment, they are a harvest crop rather than a display and so are planted in straight-ish lines.

I have quite heavy clay soil but can’t be doing with the annual faff of lifting and storing, so I improve the drainage with sharp sand instead and accept a slightly shorter life span for the bulbs.

Here’s a few photos to show how I do it – other methods are available.

The soil has been prepped and dug in with sharp sand and compost.
Extra sand and a bit of Growmore in each hole.
Mix well then dibble a deeper hole for the bulb to sit in
Add bulb

The RHS website offers good advice and guidance on general bulb planting.