I arrived at Park Road this morning to find that the tool shed door had been well and truly broken open and the window of the wendy shed had been popped out.  BUT nothing had been taken – not even the electric shredder or the edging shears or the copious amounts of netting.

A crime isn’t a crime unless it is reported, so I phoned 101 expecting to hear the usual “what do you expect leaving things in the open…”  A police car and two constables arrived within the hour, appeared to take the incident seriously and put a call out to SOCO as there is a good chance of recovering finger prints from the multi-tool that was left behind and the acrylic wendy shed window.

My son has volunteered to make me a new door, so off to Wickes tomorrow to get a few packs of T&G

A sturdy lock that has discouraged would-be thieves and vandals since 2007
Got a bit frustrated…
and gave it a good kicking
I hope they took away a few splinters at least
At least they were too exhausted to do more than this to the wendy shed