The comfrey is in full bloom and the bees are all over it.  This photo makes me realise just how pretty comfrey flowers are.  On the plot, everything has a purpose and comfrey is there to provide liquid fertiliser for the tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries etc. My dilemma is that in order to harvest the leaves, I cut the whole stem out flowers and all.  That means the bees lose a good source of nectar. We might just have to make do with smaller fruit this year…

Can you see the small brown holes in the comfrey flowers?  That’s how the bees get at the nectar; it is after all a pretty tight squeeze inside those bells.

Perhaps there is a compromise: I’ll take out the stems that have been ‘harvested’, which will encourage new shoots and more flowers – everyone wins!

Look at for the ‘how to make comfrey stew’ blog.  That’ll be the one time you will be pleased there isn’t smellovision.