The growth spurt continues: I’m pretty certain that most things are ahead of themselves.  Or maybe the last few years have been so awful that I’ve forgotten what a ‘normal’ growing year is like.

Here are the cucumbers.  It has taken just 22 days to get from baby to harvested-and-in-the-sandwich size.

carmen cucumber

first cucumbers








Here are the peaches: I’m watering the pots daily, with a weekly feed of tomato fertiliser.  Seems to be working.

peach 1

And finally the peonies; these big fat buds will soon burst open.  I can’t wait.


This is Sarah Bernhardt.  I see there is a bindweed battle waiting to be waged there, grrrr….

Francoise and Duchess are below.  Francoise is a fabulous magenta and Duchess a cool white.

All three in the same vase are magnificent.




peony 3peony 2

Just after I took these photos, Billy the Labrador came along with his tail wagging wildly and decapitated three of Duchesses blooms.  Who knew a labrador tail also doubled as a machete!  He was in the dog house for about 5 minutes – who could stay angry with this face?
billy face