Day 1 was Friday but the only thing that turned up was the skip and supplies. The driver wasn’t able to make the very tight turn to bring the skip to the back of house and rather than him take the skip away, it’s now in the front garden at a rakish angle. That meant that all other deliveries had to be unpacked from their pallet and carried into the house – it was a good workout.

The mini digger arrived yesterday afternoon and we struck womble gold – underneath the nasty concrete layer is a brick patio. I’ve been reclaiming all of the still whole/solid bricks. Same with the patio, the slabs will be recycled for the garden path. What with all the recycling going on, the skip is still empty!

Today actual builder people are here lifting the patio and stacking and son and friend are levelling the back and prepping for new concrete pad for the new luxury bat cave.

I’m taking Billy to the allotment and leaving them all to get on with it – what could possibly go wrong…