So far, harvesting has been a steady affair with very few gluts. I’ve still had enough produce to share with neighbours and for Billy to have his five a day too.

I haven’t grown potatoes for a while, mostly as I don’t have decent winter storage for them and they tend to sprout very quickly. However, there is a small nursery/hardware store in Twickenham that still sells loose seed potatoes. I thought six of each variety: Charlotte and Pink Fir Apple would be sufficient and that has proved to be the case. This tray is from one plant of each – that’s heading towards glut territory!

I’m currently googling recipes for waxy potatoes. I see plenty of gratins, oven roast chips, potato salad in my future or at least the next month – after that the kitchen is being ripped out.

At this rate, I may need to leave a ‘help yourself’ bucket at the front gate – wish me luck!

The tomatoes are more modest, mostly as I sensibly scaled back to 8 plants. In the tray there is Coure di Bue, the smallest Costoluto Fiorentino ever, Sungold and possibly the sweetest Sweet Aperitif and Billy’s new favourite.

What’s growing well for you?