The tunnel is looking bright and shiny; clean inside and out and ready for a new growing season.

I’ve been harvesting rocket and spinach throughout the winter.  The rocket is just starting to go to seed but the spinach is growing strong.  I’ve moved some plants from the outside salad bed to the tunnel and they are starting to grow well. This weekend I transplanted some seedlings grown in the greenhouse, safe from my furry neighbours.

I’ve sown more seeds direct (I’ve never known mice to be keen on lettuce and rocket seeds, but who knows)

The broad beans are doing well, although I may need to get a paintbrush to aid pollination.  It’s been so windy that there have been very few insects taking flight to coincide with the days I’m at the plot to leave the door open for them.

The cauliflowers are coming along; one bolted into action last month and looks very sad.  I’ve left it as a lesson to the others.

I’ve also sown a couple of rows of carrots, which I’ve covered with fleece mostly to protect from inquisitive noses and scrabbling feet.


This year I want to make some posts regular features and life in the polytunnel seems like a good place to start – see you about this time next month.