This time of year is full of hope; hope that seeds sown will germinate and those furry neighbours will remember the three in one arrangement when helping themselves. Hope that those bulbs planted in autumn will burst through the soil rather than rot in situ and that clumps of perennials will bulk up.

Here’s a tour around the plot, full of eruptions to prove Spring and a new growing season is on its way.

The replanted tulip bed is looking healthy but maybe a little early for May flowers?  I can see I missed a few of the old bulbs in top left of this picture.


In the same bed, the alliums are forming impressive clumps, which should delight the local bees as well as me.


The peonies are making a tentative appearance, although ‘Karl Lagerfield’ in the top photo seems determined to be first to flower.  I’ll take out the old stems later this month but interesting to see the soil splash.

The pyrethrum is making an impressive return; two have been entirely ignored by the evil molluscs whilst the other two have been razed to the ground.  I’ll lift those two into pots and see if a bit of greenhouse intensive care will resurrect them.


These three rhubarbs – Fulton’s strawberry surprise looks ready to throw up a flower head but I’m hopeful that won’t diminish the number of pink stalks I harvest this year.  I’m forcing the Champagne variety this year (photo to follow)

What are you seeing or hoping to see appear in your garden or plot?