At this time of year, the greenhouse is usually empty but this year, it’s full of seedlings from autumn sowings, cuttings and some tender plants over-wintering.  Come and take a look.

For some people Erigeron (Mexican fleabane) grows like a weed but this my first successful sowing – yay!  What I’ll do with 30 plug plants is another matter…


I sowed Chantilly Bronze antirrhinum in September, was ruthless with pinching out and now have these very sturdy little plants (48 of these!!)


Dianthus Kaleidoscope is coming along nicely too – just 15 of these


I’m overwintering a pelargonium and echeveria – both sale bargains and cutting material for next Spring.  It’s a little disconcerting to see the pelargonium in flower.

The cutting I’ve shown you before: verbena bonariensis, penstemon and salvia Amistad, New to the team are these two hydrangea cuttings.


The springtime greenhouse shuffle is going to be interesting next year – I’ll keep you posted.