If only all problems could be resolved just by applying bigger clamps…

This is the latest instalment in what is becoming the saga of the polytunnel re-build.  I’ve mentioned this is the third time I’ve built a polytunnel; by any standard, I should be pretty competent by now but I’m just making different mistakes.

I thought I had made a fatal (for the tunnel) mistake when I came to fit the clamps for the timber base rail to the foundation tubes and discovered the tubes were too big for the clamps.  What had I done?  would I have to dismantle the frame and start again?  Noooo

For my third build, I’ve opted for screw-in foundation tubes.  Digging 8 x 12″ square pits for anchor plates is no fun.  The screw-in tubes wound their way into the clay soil with only the tiniest show of resistance and I congratulated myself for finding a fast and easy way to get the foundation tubes in place and as per the instruction, there was about 6″ of tube above ground, whereas with the anchor plate version only an inch or so is above ground and there was my problem…these tubes are too big for the clamps salvaged from Park Road.

Once the inner hysteria had subsided, I decided to phone the lovely people at First Tunnels and share my story of clamp woe.  They quickly diagnosed the problem and bigger clamps were despatched and they fit!


The base rails are now in place, a new groundsheet fitted and most of the battening to hold the plastic is almost done.

The big question is – will I get the plastic on before winter sets in?

Watch this space…