I enjoy August at the plot.  There’s a long weekend to forward to, always spent at the plot and often with a project to start and/or to finish.  This year it will be to complete the framework for the Park Road polytunnel and aim to get the plastic on during September.

At this time of year, I give away as much produce as I take home to eat fresh or process and preserve in some way.  I enjoy sharing my harvests with friends and neighbours and they seem pleased with the random combinations that come their way.

As usual, I’ve grown dahlias and they are doing well (except Cafe au Lait, who is skulking in the middle row)  I’ve grown them all together in the dahlia ‘field’ rather than dotting around in available space.  It has made maintenance easier.

I’m very pleased with Henriette; came as a pairing with Cafe au Lait from Sarah Raven – it’s not a colour I would have chosen but it’s my new favourite, it goes with everything.

Then there’s Blanc y verde, looking a little less green in the centre this year but still perfectly formed.

I bought Bright Eyes, having read another blogger’s review.  Again not something I’d have chosen from the catalogue but it’s a happy flower and the bees love it.

dahlia bright eyes

This is the ‘lost label’ dahlia.  Do you know it? Can you name it? Please leave a comment


It’s the third year for the raspberries – Summer Cascade, Joan J and All Gold.  I’ve been picking since late June and now fill a large bowl every other day and I can still find takers.  A winter job is to build more robust supports for Joan J than is currently in place.

The pears seem happier this year – I assume more water and finally settling into their new home.

The rhubarb is resting but those stems are tempting…

rhubarb fultons strawberry

The polytunnel has produced food pretty much all year.  I’ve been harvesting tomatoes since late June.  The beefsteak types are pretty much done but there’s still lots of cherry types on the go.

I experimented with growing butternut squash at the front of the bed.  It works, it grows but don’t do unless you have a humungous polytunnel. I’ve cut back most of the leaders but squashes don’t view that as a set-back.

August polytunnel.JPG

Fingers crossed for a few ripe squash, while I can still get into the tunnel!

polytunnel butternut.JPG

The roses are having a second flush.

How has your growing season been?  What has been a success and what won’t you do again?