Hello 2018 and happy new year dear readers.

During December, I managed to lose my plot key twice.  I did seriously consider if I might be losing the plot more generally but happily now that the key is on a long lanyard, I feel secure!

As I wasn’t able to get at the plot over Christmas, I spent this weekend catching up and I’m pleased with progress.

First up was straightening up the brassica cage that had a distinctly drunk look after this week’s storm force winds.  I also weeded and tidied up.  Very satisfying.


Then on to the raspberries.  Cutting down the autumn fruiting Joan J and cutting out last years fruiting stems on the summer variety Cascade delight.  I like being able to see that paths again!

Then a mystery – why is this egg partially buried in the soil?  I uncovered it as I weeded and have replaced.  My money is on foxes.  Anyone else experienced this?


Then picking some carrots.  I always sow them too closely and then ‘forget’ to thin them, because life is just too short for that sort of thing.  So the less then lovely ones go in casseroles and soups – they still taste good!

Then as the sun started to dip, it was time to retreat in to the polytunnel and sort out the strawberry bed.


The vertical milk bottle strawberry planter didn’t work, so I’ve replaced it with more traditional containers that I’ll plant up with the runners.

I have some salad leaves, winter lettuce and spinach under the fleece.  Sown last week and already peeking through.

I love my polytunnel 🙂