Life in the polytunnel is good.

The sweetcorn is thriving, there are flowers on the Alicante tomatoes and the spinach seeds sown last week are already creating their first true leaves.

The first early potatoes are maturing nicely, another 35 days to go before firtling!  The beetroot and lettuce look amazing too.  I’d never have tried growing those in the tunnel with reading How to grow food in your polytunnel all year round.  It’s really clear, with month by month sowing, growing and harvesting guides.

I feel the need to explain the pink watering can.  Three reasons:  1. it meets my FUNctionality criteria 2. I’m the only female in the house and they don’t understand pink 3. I thought it highly unlikely that another plotholder would ‘borrow’ a pink can!

Fleece is on standy-by for next week though.