There are several things planned for 2020:

The next general election was scheduled for 7th May 2020 (but has since been brought forward)

The NHS five year forward view will be reality (although version 2.5 has just been launched)

The apprenticeship levy will mean that the government can say there are 3 million apprentices in England and Wales.

Crossrail will be fully operational and the Northern Line will have an off-shot to Battersea

Tokyo will host the Olympics

and I’ll be picking and eating (probably raw) asparagus from the plot again 🙂

Asparagus is a twenty year project so it’s worth taking time to prepare the bed.  This is a plant that requires really good drainage, so heavy clay needed extra work.  Once I’d dug out the trench, I used the Mantis to work in a bag of gravel and a bag of sharp sand.  I also added in some bonemeal and created a ridge at the bottom of the trench, ready for the crowns to spread their tentacle-like roots.

asparagus bed

The 10 one year old crowns arrived on the day Kent Asparagus Farms said they would (very impressed)  I added a bag of manure to the bottom of the trench and remade the ridge.  One crown every 12″ (give or take)  I had soaked the crowns in a bucket of water while faffing with the manure and ridge, which was just as well as they dried out incredibly quickly.

I mixed in more sharp sand and a handful of superphosphate to the soil used to fill in the trench and cover the crowns with about 3″ inches of soil.

Now to water and water and wait until I can walk home clutching a fistful of spears (I’ll use the time to practice my one handed camera focusing technique!)

Billy the Labrador is also patiently waiting for his next asparagus treat.

If you enjoy factoids, Wikipedia has a whole list of asparagus related ones.  My favourite is knowing that Helmut Zipner holds the world record for fastest asparagus peeling.  Asparagus is a good source of naturally occurring vitamin K: for strong bones and well-behaved coagulating blood, which is probably counteracted by the butter-rich hollandaise sauce…