My flower arranging is like my jam-making; the outcome is a bit haphazard and lacking in consistency.  I’ve been reading Jane Packer’s book in the hope that she can do for my arranging what Mary Berry did for my jam making attempts.

Every single page is beautiful if a little aspirational.  There are step-by-step guides and ‘recipes’ for re-creating the arrangements.  The thing is, I think my style is more jam jar and jug.  Keeping things casual and slightly wonky but on the other hand, I do like symmetry.

Until this year, my arrangements have been limited to peonies and roses and it has to be said they pretty much organise themselves.  Same for sweet pea posies.  Have you noticed a pattern to this?  I’ve tended to not mix blooms; daffodils, then tulips followed by peonies, roses then sweet pea and maybe the occasional sunflower.

This year, inspired by Cathy’s meme, In a vase on Monday, I’ve made a determined effort to mix it up and use more foliage.

Here are my attempts so far.  To help me improve my arranging and get things a little more symmetrical, please share your feedback: What do you like and what do you suggest I do differently.

This is first – a jam jar posy of fresh spring flowers.  Probably best not to photograph against a flowery background!


Then the tulips, by themselves in a jug


The latest jug is mix of what is available from the plot and now in the garden

IMG_0479 (3)

So come on flower arrangers, don’t be shy! All comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.