So after the public naming and shaming on Time to Germinate, most of those seeds are now seedlings.  The laggards on the naughty step are Achillea and Euphorbia Coral Spurge.  I’ll re-sow the achillea with proper care and attention this weekend and leave the Eurphorbia until the autumn.


The early risers have been pricked out and potted up: Scabious and Salvia; I really like the soft hairy leaves of the Salvia but I’m also hoping they won’t trigger an allergic reaction when they grow up.  Also in shot are tomatoes and cucumbers, destined for the polytunnel.


Other seeds that practically rocketed out of the compost have been Cosmos and Sunflowers (Pacino and Vanilla Ice)  I was expecting the French Marigolds to do the same, but only two from a tray of 30 have appeared.  When I checked the seed packet, I realised the problem – best before 2009!

Speaking of light speed germination, I sowed melon seeds on Sunday 2nd and this time I read the instructions.  It said they would only germinate if kept at 80-90 degrees, so in to a small ziplock plastic bag and in the heated propagator.  I checked on them last night and spied green shoots and look at them today.  It does appear I’ve sown one of them wrong side up 😉


Are you growing melons this year? What variety? Would you like to join in a Melon Watch meme? charting melon progress across the land(s) this season.  Let me know.