I had a plan and then the plan met real life and that was that.  The result was the greenhouse and polytunnel being delivered within 3 days of each other.

I could have exercised some self-control and common sense and built one at a time, but were would be the fun in that?

The greenhouse was out of the box first and bolted together in under seven hours.  The tricky bit was to then level the concrete base (I outsourced that!).  I’m planning on using the greenhouse for propagation, so there won’t be vast amounts of water sloshed on the floor.

As the base levelling and squaring up was in a work order queue, I turned my attention to the polytunnel.  It is possible to build one of these by yourself, but it is SO much easier when there is at least one other person.  I managed to put up two hoops by myself – mostly to prove that I could.  Digging the holes to accommodate the base plates was extraordinarily hard work; there is a deep layer of yellow clay about 8″ down.  A crowbar rather than a spade would have been helpful.

Why is it always the last hole that is the toughest?  Just 3″ down, the spade hit a solid spot of clay and after a lot of bashing I had a hole just 6″ deep.  I filled it up with two buckets of water, which took about 90 minutes to soak through with a little bailing-out help from me.

By the following day, with the help of two more pairs of hands the frame was up.  Next step is to check the levels of the rails and bars and make a start on the doors and base rails.  I can’t decide if the side rails should be 8″ down from the crop bars or tight to the crop bars.  The instructions are vague, as in ‘you decide’.  Do you have a polytunnel?  Where did you position the side bars?