I think I need a bucket list of places to visit that are within 10 miles of home.  The last time I visited Kew, I lived in SE London and it took 2.5 hours and involved the South Circular – enough said.  But since moving to Isleworth and being able to see Kew on the opposite river bank, have I visited?  Am I season ticket holder?  Umm no, and I have no reasons to justify such an oversight.

Anyhow, my 18 year old son suggested we visit (I think it’s sweet he still wants to be seen with his Mum, but don’t tell him I said so!)  He is into photography and Kew is very photogenic.

We went on a sunny Sunday in June.  The sharply focused, well-composed shots are the boy’s.

I had no idea that Common Box could grow into such a huge tree – that focuses the mind on regular pruning!

I love foxgloves; the shape fascinates me, particularly how the speckled throat looks like a landing path for hungry insects.

I thought the colour of these geraniums was stunning.  The petals glowed, as if made from rich red velvet.

Getting arty with leafy compositions; I thought they were rather good.  We started to get a bit competitive…

These jasmines threw out a lovely perfume. At first glance, I thought the shrubs were lilacs, but the labels told me otherwise.

More arty shots…

The Hive wasn’t open but there were plenty of fuel stops for the bees.


We stopped to admire the yellow curtain created by the laburnum arch.


There was a whole bank of these irises; I didn’t make a note of their name.  Isn’t the detail exquisite?

We had a very enjoyable day at Kew.  The one thing that stood out as different from my previous visits (and the last one being about 26 years ago) was that the planting is more informal, visitors are allowed on the grass and there are areas of uncut grass.  It has made it an inviting and welcoming place to be.  If you haven’t visited recently or ever, squeeze some space in so that you can.