Isn’t this the most gorgeous flower ever (or raceme to describe the collective)  I’ve waited around 15 years for my wisteria to flower again.  There is a bit of story, as there usually is.  I planted this when we first moved in, 23 years ago and it sulked for about 5 years in its spot at the base of the wall.  I think the soil was too alkaline, but a few applications of sulphate of iron helped to improve matters.  It never really did much and it was incredibly difficult to keep on top of the pruning – with two small boys to keep on top of!  When we changed the layout of the garden, I dug it up (or so I thought)  Imagine my surprise when a few years later I noticed the tell-tale whips trying to escape from under the decking.  It seemed the right thing to saw out a wisteria-shaped space and train it up the wall.  Three years on and this is the result.  Just need to keep on top of the pruning…and one day it will look like this one.  It is like walking through a fragrance shower; a very delicate but powerful aroma.