I organised myself to have a long weekend. I spent Friday morning at the plot along with a number of plot neighbours, like a group of moles emerging from their tunnels and blinking in the sunlight. After 30 minutes or more catching-up in a socially distanced manner, it was all work.

I cleared the extension bed and mulched around half with WRM. The plan is to rotate the brassicas here; kale, PSB, red cabbage and calabrese.

Next, the peach trees moved into the polytunnel on Friday with buds tightly closed and by Saturday, the flowers were open. I really must find the pollinating brush.

The polytunnel is still housing the overwintering plants; the brown crispiness is proof it never rains in an polytunnel. The green ones will gradually move outside and the brown ones will move to the compost heap.

and finally, this is the second cut from two purple sprouting broccoli plants, a green and purple bouquet. I hope the harvest will carry on through March.