It feels like it was a very short show this year but maybe I just want the season to be longer.

I re-planted the bed with new varieties last year so this year’s show was eagerly anticipated.  Honestly, I’m putting on a brave face – I was hoping for more oomph.  I think I may have to resort to planting up some tubs for real impact and armfuls for cutting.

This is Salmon Impression, which paired surprisingly well with the pale lemon tulip that survived the re-vamp and the much shorter than expected Caviar.

I have to say the absolute star has been Copper Image, which is positively stumpy but I’ve decided that’s all about perspective and finding the right vase.  It is a delight from all angles; the colour moves from deep amber to a salmon/pink tone with green veins on the outer leaves.  It’s peony shaped and lasts forever in the vase.

What’s not to love.