I enjoyed the first picking of sweet, tender stems of forced rhubarb.  It’s the turn of ‘champagne’ to grow in darkness for 2 months.

I made a sharp/sweet sauce to go with a mackerel salad.  Next time, I’ll use less sugar to take account of the natural sweetness in the forced stems.

If only all rhubarb would look like this.

It’s very easy to force rhubarb and if your crown is just starting to sprout, not too late.  You need a large pot, wide enough to fit over the crown and tall enough to allow the stems to grow.  If you’re lucky enough to have a clay rhubarb pot, use that – otherwise, an old dust bin or similar will work but remember to weigh it down!

Watch out for the slimy molluscs, they like the dark, warm, damp conditions too. I see in these photos, I missed a few – grrr…