I wanted to show you the herbaceous border in all it’s shaggy loveliness.


Some parts have been flattened by the wind and rain, but a prune will encourage a new flush of growth and blooms; I wonder if it’s nature’s way of organising me!

In the foreground is Salvia Turkestanica.  The pale mauve flower spikes have a delicious sweet fragrance but it is a thug.  As is the chrysanth macrophyllum in front of the apple tree – it’s smothering Molly the penstemon.

I’m also a bit concerned about the hydrangeas; a plant I’ve only recently decided I like.  I think they need a new home with less competition for water and a bit more space to spread their leaves.

I grew the Linaria (my neighbour maintains its common name is easier to remember – purple toadflax) from seed and it’s amazing.  I love Chiltern seeds for their range of unusual but relatively easy to grow plants.


Isn’t it pretty and makes a great addition to the vase.

I think I’ve mentioned that my next door plot neighbour has offered me the back third of his plot.  He doesn’t need it and strimming is a pain.  I think I might turn it into a HUGE herbaceous bed so my perennial lovelies can spread themselves; subject to getting the bindweed under some kind of control.