Life in the tunnel is thriving.  Come with me for a closer look.

The dahlias are on schedule for a late May planting out date.  Cafe au Lait is the slowest to get going but I’m optimistic that the tiny green shoots will develop into a plant capable of producing dinner plate sized flowers! I’m going to have a small dahlia field this year…


I have a broad bean, yes ONE!  The flowers are beautiful and the fragrance amazing but clearly I need to signpost that to the pollinators, otherwise it’s going to be a very special meal for one…


Fortunately, the peas are a lot less high maintenance and also met with Billy’s approval

I planted the cucumbers to their final position, also under Billy’s supervision.  I wrapped fleece around them as the climate is a little cooler/variable than the greenhouse.  I’m hopeful this female variety will reliably produce bitter-free fruits.


The peach trees both have a good number of fruit-lets.


As do the strawberries in their refurbished bed.


I’ve added a day’s leave to each end of the Easter bank holiday, so I’m looking forward to a short week and lots of plotting.