I thought it would be interesting to review and share progress this March compared to last.

Things are definitely ahead of last year and it’s surprised me by how much.

Peonies – I was concerned they were late and perhaps were in decline, but the timeframe is about right.

This is 5th March 2018



31st March 2019 – so about the same


A dahlia survivor just potted up 31st March 2018


All lifted from the polytunnel bed and potted up 9th March 2019



Tulips, just showing on 24th March 2018


Slightly further ahead on 17th March 2019 – but not quite as early as I’d thought.



Do you do this each year?  Wonder if you are ahead or behind or if the plants are early or late?

This exercise has shown me that without my intervention the plants are within two weeks each year.  I’m the one prodding and poking, saying hurry up!

Last Sunday I did something I rarely do – I took my time.  I weeded for a bit, made a cup of tea and wandered around for a bit, then back to the weeding, then a bit of mulching and then another tea.  Everything got done at a pace that brain and body were happy with.  I’m going to do more of that; I’ll be early with some things and late with others and in between I might manage an on-time, whatever that is in gardening terms.

Enjoy your week.