I went to the other dot org place with a beautifully designed website complete with fancy logo and I wanted to love it but I couldn’t settle; the sense of community just wasn’t there.  Just like those sale bargain shoes that you want to love but which refuse to wear in and still rub and pinch in all the wrong places.

My son took the news very well; a new theme will be along shortly so the lovely logo will have a new home.

Now to catch up the happenings at Plot 48.

The early weeks of January were quite mild, and I spent time pruning, mulching and tying-in the raspberries – such a satisfying job.


There were still harvests of kale and carrots


and pleasing evidence that Spring is just around the corner!


Allotment life in the last week has been mostly in the polytunnel and greenhouse, where the temperature is generally a very pleasant 22 degrees! although the temperature gauge tells me that falls dramatically at night – lowest so far is -7.1 and that’s in west London!!

The heated propagator in back in action, hogging space in the kitchen.  I’m hoping to avoid a repeat of the sad seedling saga…


The polytunnel is waking up slowly.  I planted Douce Provence peas, broad beans and cauliflower in November and added a sowing of Amsterdam Forcing carrot in December.  I can’t decide if I was too early or too late…

I sowed the first early potatoes, Casablanca today along with spinach, winter lettuce and more carrot.  These are all cosied up under a layer of fleece.


I’m storing my dahlia tubers in the tunnel – in the beds, covered with soil so I’ve less space that I would usually.  A good reason for 2019 to be the year of the second polytunnel, having finally retrieved the one from Park Road.

There, all caught up.  How’s your plot or garden looking at present?