I have two peach trees in the polytunnel but for the past two years they have both been seriously infested by red spider mite.  Last year I sent in the nano warriors to do battle and judging by this harvest, they seem to have mostly succeeded.

The peaches are amazing, no seriously they are A M A Z I N G.  These are the peaches of my childhood; the ones that are soft to bite into and so juicy, it dribbles down your chin and runs down your arm to drip off your elbow.  I’m fairly certain that was normal for a peach, until Tesco et al decided everything had to be packaged and refrigerated and they became rock hard balls of disappointment.

These peaches make me forgot all those years of discarded ‘ripen at home’ punnets.  I’ve had 6 peaches so far and another 4 to go (and I won’t be sharing!)  Definitely best peach harvest in five or six years – daily watering as the fruit is forming is a must.

Omm nom nom

What your best harvest so far this year?