It’s a little less jungly inside the polytunnel this year.  I’ve decided not to grow sweetcorn but the early potatoes in their place have gone a bit mad.  I’m also growing dwarf french beans rather than the climbing variety, which should make it easier to get in and out of the tunnel.

However, I’ve not been completely sensible (as if!)  This year I have 12 tomato plants – I know bonkers but there are some interesting and new to me varieties: Essex wonder, Coure di Bue, Rose de Berne as well as Black Russian, Yellow sunrise and San Marzano.  I’m a bit disappointed that I left out Sungold, and I’m considering where I might fit another plant; that way I’ll have the full colour range…

I sowed six melon seeds (Blenheim Orange) and five germinated.  Generally I would grow on three but I had space, so they all went in.  One has been munched by the evil molluscs but the remaining four look happy.


I’m growing brassicas in the tunnel as an experiment; five calabrese and one cauliflower – all are much bigger than those planted outside even though they are from the same batch of seedlings.  Heads are forming…

Two broad beans agreed to germinate this year and they have been cossetted in the tunnel.  I spied tiny bean pods.  I’ve also noticed the flowers have the most amazing fragrance.  Three beans have germinated outside (it’s very embarrassing!)

I have been sensible with the cucumbers – just two and these are already producing fruit.  Billy had one (quality control) and I had the other two.


and here’s Billy, who spent most of this evening waiting for more cucumbers to grow…


To finish the roll call, here are the french beans, lettuce and beetroot: