What is the purpose of an allotment in the 21st century?  There are at least a thousand different answers to that question.  For me and I suspect for many others, it’s the tranquillity of the location and the satisfaction of nurturing a seed through its full life cycle, learning a bit along the way.

I have way more flowers as a percentage of the plot than the rules permit, but why have rules that can’t be broken or modified?

The allotment has become the garden that I’d like at home if space were available.

Here’s Gertrude Jekyll, reaching for the sky.  Her fragrance is amazing.


The peonies are taking their time.  Here’s Sarah Bernhardt, still holding her bud tightly closed.


The extended flower bed by the wendy shed is doing well.  A foxglove and geum from a T&M offer last year and a self-sown aquilegia.

A finally, what’s the point of a lawn if there are no lounging facilities?  A freecycled deck-chair that I may get around to up-cycling – or not.  I lounged for about 10 minutes before remembering there were things I needed to do…


How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?