And still I didn’t write.  What can I say, life has been on the fast spin cycle for a while.  I’m not sure it’s settled yet, I suspect this is a brief lull.  Whatever it is, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to stop by, say hello and catch-up.

While life has been complicated of late, the allotment has been it’s usual soothing self.  Always there, waiting for me to pay it some attention.  Mostly it’s been snatched moments; drive-by watering at 6 in the morning and raspberry picking by torchlight.

The flowers have been fabulous.  The dahlias have been off-the-scale floriferous; I’m particularly taken with the combination of Bishop of Llandaff, Karma chocolate and Nuit d’ete with some sulfur yellow euphorbia.  Dahlia cafe au lait has just started flowering regularly and that also makes a very handsome contrast in the vase.


In other news, the lounge and dining room are getting a makeover.  New slate hearth for the fire place, feature wallpaper and a nice soothing pastel paint somewhere between white, blue and grey called ‘My pleasure’.  I’m certainly pleased the rooms are getting a long-overdue makeover.

I’ll show you the results as it happens…