I’ve been meaning to join this meme, hosted by The Propagator but my Saturdays are not conducive to blog writing and publishing as well as doing the Saturday doings – a lot of dull domestic chores as well as plotting.

I’ve got a cunning plan though – these Saturday posts will be retrospectives.

  1. Flower pots – we have a small garden and I do mean postage stamp small, so I increase my growing space and interest with annuals in pots.  Wyevale’s were selling fuchsias and daisy trays for £2 – rude not to.  The red geraniums were grown on from tiny plugs in the greenhouse at the plot.  The still empty pots will be filled with Snow Princess calendulas in a week or two.


2. Roses – Pink is always pretty


3. New Fence and new neighbours – the new neighbours are much nicer/friendlier than the last couple and the man built the new fence.  Far superior to the slide-in fence panels but an absolute beast to paint in situ.  Do you think I can get away with just the one coat (say yes!)


4. Big shed – We can’t decide what to call this; the garden room (with tongue in cheek) or the summerhouse.  We need the space so that eldest son can move back home, having discovered that London living is above his means.  I’m sad and angry that at 24 he is unable to afford to live independently.  The big shed was intended to house the office but son is now thinking it would make comfortable lodgings with some degree of separation.  I’m struggling with the idea of beds in sheds though…


5. Peach tree – this was a special offer from Marshall’s earlier this year and it seemed rude to refuse.  Anyhow, the main leader had snapped in transit.  I left it in the box for a while and noticed that the snapped branch was still just attached and the leaves still growing, so I taped it up and wondered what would happen.  Well, it’s growing!


6. Clematis – even tiny gardens should have at least one.  There are three in this garden.