Here’s an invite to take a tour around plot 48…

First up is the long view down the plot, from the wendy shed.  The wallflowers have flowered non-stop since mid-March and the bees love them.  The tulips are mostly finished; the red ones to the far left have been going for about three weeks, so I’ll forgive them for not being the Darwin hybrid Apeldoorn’s.  The alliums are now centre-stage and attracting numerous pollinators.


Then a peek into the greenhouse.  Potting on takes up a lot of space and I don’t yet have cold frames organised but everyone is being well-mannered and not taking more space than they need.


Then to the newly planted sweet pea walk; designed to make use of the space by the polytunnel, which also offers a nice sheltered spot and water run-off (for those occasions when it does rain)  A lot of the seeds were saved from the last season at Park Road, varieties long forgotten.  Most of the bamboo is from my next door neighbour’s garden – no air miles there!  I’m going to attempt the cordon training method, clearly described by Sarah Raven.


Then into the polytunnel.  I made a frame for the cucumbers and moved them from the greenhouse to their new home.  I’ve wrapped them in fleece as the polytunnel tends to have lower night-time temperatures.  Look at that sweetcorn though!  It looks like the lettuce will be ready all at once – the neighbours will be thrilled!  There are flowers on the tomatoes and peas.  Out of shot are the courgettes with baby fruits.  I’m loving those soil beds!


I hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂