It rained for most of yesterday, but not in the polytunnel!  I gathered my equipment and spent a happy hour or three pottering in the polytunnel.

My plan for this polytunnel is to be as productive as possible, which in my case means more than tomatoes and cucumbers,  and to extend the seasons for as long as possible.  I’ve already started to implement that plan by planting 10 Casablanca first early potatoes and a few short rows of Beetroot ‘Wodan’.

Today, I sowed a 6ft row of peas ‘Hurst Greenshaft’.  An early variety like Onward may have been better, but HGS was what was in the seed box.  I added several more short rows of vegetables:

Little Gem lettuce, Frisee de Beauregard Iceberg lettuce, White Lisbon spring onions, Long Red Florence onions and Rocket.

I sow spring onions in bunches rather than rows.  I learnt this from another gardener over on allotments4all.  This method gives me spring onions of the right size and I just pull up the ‘bunches’ as I need them.  I think they must be social veg!  If you look closely in the top right of the picture, you’ll see the circular impressions for the seeds rather than rows. 6-10 (ish) seeds per circle.

poly sowing 1

Short rows sown, watered and labelled

poly sowing2

Then the peas.  This is new for me, growing peas inside, so fingers crossed. There is plenty of room at the front of the bed for another crop, maybe spinach or some more rocket.  I need to research good companions for peas.

poly sowing3

I also made a start with sowing for the cut flower patch.  Note to self – invest in a 2b pencil!


And finally, recording the activity in the plot diary – useful when the labels go astray.


Taking stock in the Wendy Shed with a cuppa and a slice of ginger cake.  I know how to live 🙂