It’s a gloomy, cold and wet Thursday afternoon (when I’m not working!!) I’ve been surfing the web for plot related inspiration.  I found this watering system, which looks like a genius idea.  An idea taken from ancient practices and reworked with materials available today.

I use these soaker cones for the tomatoes and cucumbers in the polytunnel.  They are made of a porous ceramic material providing a slow release of moisure as the roots need it.  During the summer, I top up the plastic bottles every other day or two.

It had never occurred to me that I could do something similar but on a larger scale with ordinary terracotta pots.

Take a look at this tutorial by suburbanfarmonline.  In the new polytunnel, I’ll be growing in raised beds, so it will be possible to bury the pots, with the tops just above the soil surface.

I like the look at the ‘proper’ Olla pots but a quick look online tells me they are expensive, especially when they’ll be buried!  These will do just fine.


Who is already using the Olla watering system or something else?