Back to work and the first day wearing make-up in over two weeks.  It felt mostly like a Snoopy Thursday, slowly reconnecting the neurons to think and talk about things unrelated to allotments, seed catalogues and rotation plans.

Reassuringly, some things stayed the same.  No heating, even though I was reporting on Wednesday but I’d gone prepared – three layers and full length boots.  What was novel were the regular updates from Estates about the source of the problem – a leak in the bowels of building next to some old asbestos.  Although, it is to be expected given that the heating system was probably installed shortly after Alexander Fleming left the building.  Then joy of joys, a delivery of 70 (I kid you not) electric oil filled radiators being assembled and distributed throughout the building to be left on overnight.  At last, someone understands the dangers of working with women chilled to the bone!

One thing that made me smile (and I must go back for a photo) was the sign in the coffee shop proclaiming that sweetened products would henceforth not be sold and meal deals are forever banished.  This is one NHS organisation who will be healthy whether we like it or not.  However, I was a woman chilled to the bone and about to go over the edge on account of being denied a packet of two ginger biscuits to go with the Earl Grey.  But I’m resourceful in the face of adversity, so I pootled across the road (off site) got the biccies and tea, along with a staff discount.

Calm restored 😉

For those of you off to work, how’s your ‘first week’ treating you?