I’m lucky enough to have a polytunnel and greenhouse at the allotment.  It surprises me that I fill both, but I do.  But there is a huge amount of preparation that goes before the filling up phase and that started last weekend.

First was the big tidy-up.  I’m not one of nature’s tidy people, so there was a lot to sort out but perhaps there was more satisfaction to see the greenhouse and polytunnel looking like this.

The big tidy-up meant that there was space to bring the peach trees back inside, I noticed that the buds looked ready to open.  Last year, both trees were affected by a scale bug (I think)  The visible evidence was a very fine web across the branches and leaves, the the leaves first looking chlorotic and then turning brown and dropping off.  I think the trees are too big to share the same space, so one is going in the polytunnel and the other is staying in the greenhouse.  The greenhouse, being a smaller space is also a few degrees warmer.

I was also able to give the garlic some company by setting out the potatoes to chit: Pink Fir and Charlotte, just 10 of each.  The onion sets winked at me in the garden centre, so now there are around 96 Sturttgarter Giants in individual cells.  I’ve also started some Sweet Peas and Cosmos in the unheated propagator.  Behind the sweet peas are the Sheer Purple crystanths, which don’t look too happy – I may move them into the greenhouse.  All will go out during March/April.

And finally, this morning I noticed that the greenhouse peach has open blossom.  Seems this one is set and off!

Peach tree