covers on 1

It’s not just Wimbledon where the covers come out in June!  I have a whole array of different covers for different plants to protect against different predators and buggy munchers.  Come for a wander and I’ll show you what I use.

First up it’s the brassicas.  This year I’m growing Brussels (Trafalgar and Revenge) Calabrese (Marathon) and still to go in is the Purple Sprouting Brocolli.  I’m pleased with my lime green posts, they contrast nicely with the purple shed, but more of that later…  Such protection is necessary not just from the pigeons who watch in true Hitchcock style as I plant out anything green and tender-looking but also from the Canada Geese, who like to drop by for a quick snack on their way to the Thames.

covers on 2

Then it’s over to the rectangle hoops covered with enviromesh.  This is to protect the parsnips from carrot fly and the swede from flea beetle.  Have I mentioned my quest for a round swede?  This is the latest plan, along with copious watering and generous feeding.  In the background is the Cavolo di Nero tucked under some gently weathered debris netting, good for keeping out the whitefly as well as feathered friends.

covers on 3

Then it’s the carrots cosied under the made to measure enviromesh cover (I do love the Harrod Horticultural brochure!) but less paff to get on and off for watering and weeding.  Does a great job in keeping the carrot fly hungry 🙂  Next door is the salad bed: four rows of spinach that were only sown at the end of April and already I’ve had two pickings and eatings (cooked with a bit of butter and nutmeg – nom) then the usual Little Gem lettuce and beetroot.  Another bespoke net – no paff with hooks etc.

covers on 4

Then the final pair of hoops and nets protects the strawberries – they are just starting to turn pink.  The plants don’t look too happy this year, I think I may have introduced some contaminated manual into the soil.  I’m trying to counteract with liquid feed and general fussing but I doubt there will be a glut this year.

covers on 5