Is it me? It seems as if the sunshine has had the same effort as the starter’s pistol has for sprinters. Everything has suddenly burst into action.

peony10 days ago, I was peering into the soil looking for any sign of red buds to tell that Sarah, Francois and the Duchess were on their way – look at them now…

These are my fantastic peonies: really showy, a bit blousy and the most wonderful fragrance.

I’ve traded up the labels – the oak labels are very authentic but not much help when the ink fades.


Moving over to the edibles, just two weeks ago the autumn raspberries (Joan J) were only just poking their heads through the soil.

I did give the area a handful of Vitax 4 last weekend – who knew it was rocket fuel.  I also know that it isn’t organic, but I can’t find a reliable source of uncontaminated manure.  Seaweed and fish, blood and bone are OK but seem quite short-acting.

wisteria buds 2And finally, from the home garden, I’m delighted to announce that after a REALLY long wait, the wisteria has decided she likes the south-facing wall and has thrown out masses of big, fat buds.

There will be a whole post devoted to wisteria very soon 😉