It’s a new to me, pre-loved bargain.  It’s a proper DSLR with manual focus and lots of other bells and whistles, so as a learner second-hand made sense.

I’d walked past the shop several times and the camera was there, winking at me.  Finally, it called to me and I walked in to find out more.  Turns out that the accessories had been lost (battery, flash card, charger etc) so there was a risk it wouldn’t work but the price was very good and I decided to take a chance with a 28-day money-back return.

With the help of sons and Amazon, I acquired the necessary add-ons.  It works beautifully and it’s very polite and patient with its new learner owner.

Here’s a few shots from the plot.

The roses are waking up

The narcissus and crocus are leading the way

Euphorbia and verbena proving to be a challenge to my focusing capabilities